About us

Consalta employees are professionals armed with years of specialized training and business experience in managing various projects and developing many solutions. Our consultants have acquired formal education for the implementation of management systems through international and domestic universities, institutes and educational centers, as documented by successfully acquired titles, diplomas and certifications. Mix of international skills and knowledge with local experience is a powerful combination required for successful consulting and knowledge transfer to other businesses.

Our work is based on the development of methodologies, their confirmation in practice on the basis of which our clients can clearly see and feel the benefits of implementing solutions and the impact on their business. We do this through:

  • Promotion and presentation
  • Consultations
  • implementation of projects
  • Trainings and seminars

We pay special attention on transfer of knowledge to our clients. Our goal is that clients themselves take over and integrate the changes in its organization and daily business practices, and that these changes become benefit - not a burden.

Therefore, our focus is to improve quality, ensure business continuity as well as protection of information within organizations - all while recognizing and implementing adequate technologies for business improvements.

Our Vision

„To be leader in change"

Recognize new trends and market movements and enable our clients to better accept incoming changes for their business success. 

Our Mission 

Develop and test methodologies for implementation of management systems which will enable organizations to adapt to new trends and changes so that they can achieve better effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. 

Though appropriate promotions, presentations, educations, trainings and awareness we will ensure acceptance of all changes and new trends within our client organizations as well as their micro and macro environment. 

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