Awareness programs

Awareness program is one of the key components of management system implementation. weakest-link

The goal of an adequately designed awareness program is continuous communication of information and knowledge that employees will use in their day-to-day operations. Program topics are carefully selected based on risk treatment plans and have an objective to raise a level of awareness and competence within selected interested parties (primarily employees, but can also include clients, suppliers and other involved groups). This information is "transferred" through a variety of formal and informal channels such as training sessions, presentations, informal talks, e-learning portals, video clips, posters, brochures, awareness events etc.

The ultimate goal of awareness program is not only transfer of knowledge and information but a change in employee perception and behavior relating to the particular important topic (quality, security etc.). Awareness and training program has to be aligned with organization's mission and particular objectives.  Awareness program is a continuous project (program) which have to be managed on a long-term basis in order to show actual result - a change in organizational culture.

What is the role of Consalta?

We work closely with clients in the development of structure, content, and execution plan of each awareness program. Execution of 

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