Business process analysis and mapping


A business process is characterized as a collection of connected, structured activities or tasks resulting in a service or product (satisfaction of defined goal) for certain customer or client. Additionally, ISO 9001 states that process approach is the adoption of management of a system of processes within an organization including identification of their interaction and information flow. 

This is exactly why the implementation of process approach should be a basis for designing any management system. Process approach requires that organization identifies and clearly defines its business processes. Ideally, business processes should begin with the business mission and end with a fulfillment of business objectives. Process-oriented organizations break down the barriers of functionally structured organizations. 

Serious organizations should have clearly defined processes that enable them to adequately distribute individual responsibilities and tasks. A collection of clearly defined processes should result in establishing the organization as a system. Naturally, we are talking about "living" systems that are in need of periodic revisions as to continuously assess their effectiveness and efficiency and follow the evolution and changes that occur in "real life". This is a way to ensure that we govern and manage an organization. 

What is the role of Consalta?

Consalta offers analysis and mapping of business processes according to needs and requirements of our clients. Many organizations start with mapping of AS-IS state, as a prerequisite to any process improvement or process re-engineering. 

We practice process mapping utilizing modern methodologies (such is BPMN - Business Process Modeling Notation) that allow for a clear definition of inputs, transformation, criteria, and outputs of the process. Deliverables of process analysis and mapping are process diagrams that offer an easy and clear way of describing processes and activities, their interactions, responsibilities for parts of a process (RACI charts), inputs, outputs, and resources required for process delivery. 

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