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Though implementation of ISO 9001 requirements organizations design and build an appropriate and suitable Quality Management System (QMS). QMS is a management tool that helps organizations to set up and manage its business activities in a way that ensures that requirements and expectations of their customers (and other interested parties) are satisfied. 

ISO 9001 and Quality Management System is the basis and "right beginning" of all management systems in organizations. This standard is: 

  • Recognized in 178 countries around globe
  • Has over 2 million certified organizations
  • There are over 2.000 certifications in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why implement ISO 9001?

  • Customers and clients expect it!
  • Reduced expenditures and increased productivity
  • Documented business activities
  • Systematic approach to solving problems 
  • Business decisions based on facts
  • Focusing on processes that bring new, increased profitability
  • Raised image of organization by properly addressing customer's requirements and expectations 

What is the role of Consalta?

  • Work with clients in implementation throughout the whole process (Hands-on approach). Our consultants lead the project in all phases, all the way to third party certification. This includes development of policies, procedures, and other documentation, as well as intensive training of the implementation team on the client's side. 
  • Support in post implementation phase. We strive to maintain a high level of cooperation and trust by staying on the client's side during early stages of managing quality system. 

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