ISMS - ISO 27001

Information Security Management System - ISMS

In today's business environment possession of a right and timely information, often is a key comparative advantage. However, organizations must ensure proper use of key information in terms of ensuring its adequate availability, uncompromised integrity, and unbreached confidentiality

Information security as a concept is not related only to IT systems (a common misconception). Information security comprises a rather wider area such as physical and logical protection, human resources management, supplier's relationship and partner management, business continuity provisions, or regulatory and contractual compliance. Basically, by implementing information security though ISO 27001 concepts, companies set a foundation for a holistic risk management that addresses a wide spectrum of threats that any organization is exposed. 

International standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 defines a set of requirements for establishment of Information Security Management System (ISMS). Through adequate fulfillment of these requirements organizations are in the position to set in place processes and mechanisms that ensure its ability to recognize information security risks and to proactively react by mitigating, reducing or sharing those risks. Furthermore, this management system enables organizations to continuously monitor and review all aspects of information security to recognize opportunities for improvement. As a result, we have continuous improvement of the information security. 

ISO 27001 is applicable to any industry (banking, financial, IT etc.) and size or form of organizations.

Consalta has extensive experience in implementation of ISMS systems through hands-on consulting in various industry sectors and organization types. For a brief reference list please click here.  

What is the role of Consalta?

Our implementation consultancy approach is based on a concept of teamwork with clients - from the very beginning of the project, through all phases of implementation to third-party certifications and after. With our hands-on approach organizations have gained additional members within their implementation teams which lead their projects but also diligently worked on all steps of the implementation process. The whole process is followed through continuous education and knowledge transfer so that in the end client organization had a management system, but also a team with competencies to independently take over the maintenance of the established system. 

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