I'm very impressed with organization and delivery of training. As I'm a person from the IT field the content of the training did not look promising, but Osman completely changed my perception. Through his dedication, full engagement and interesting delivery of real life examples Osman drew me into different way of thinking about information security. I can say that after this training I've significantly improved my understanding of ISO 27001 standard, its values and application in practice. Mirsad Murtagić, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer training
The program is perfectly designed and organized, and lectures are easily conceived through interactive work and a variety of exercises done in small teams. The whole flow of the training had an incredibly positive energy, not artificially created, but a real and quite sincere, with an interesting instructor who did not just tell - but communicated. Osman Bulic, with his great personality, fantastically transfered information and his knowledge and made the lectures very interesting and fun. Learning was done casually and unobtrusively, yet very high quality, helpful and professional. All praise to the instructor and his preparedness. Amela Kalisi, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor training
Many thanks to Mahir and other students as well as Consalta staff on pleasant, relaxed moments and a successful training. I will use this training course as an initial stimulant to pursue further education in this area of expertise. Đoko Blagojević, ISO 20000 Lead Auditor training
It is great pleasure to work with Osman from Consalta. His mild personality, dedication to his work and serious approach to the project and project team make overall process less intensive and help people to work in a creative and relaxed environment. His personal and professional approach to all stakeholders made project streamlined and obviously achievable. I would highly recommend Osman and Consalta for all projects related to the information security and risk assessment. Adisa Mujkić, Phd, Partner MKF
I've collaborated with Osman Bulic and Mahir Boloban for more than four years now. From initial implementation of ISMS to post-implementation help and successive yearly audit preparations, they were always responsive, professional, knowledgeable and above all highly aware of our organization's needs. In time, I've come to view Consalta not only as highly reliable and professional information security consulting services firm, but also as trusted source of sound and pragmatic advice. Kemal Hajdarević, Phd, Central bank of B&H
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