Being that all management systems we implement are based on international system management standards, the auditing process we offer is also based on international standard ISO 19011. 

There are three generally recognized forms of audit: 

  • 1st party audit - an organization audit itself
  • 2nd party audit - an organization audits its supplier or a customer audits organization
  • 3rd party audit - an independent body to provides audit (e.g. certification body).

What is the role of Consalta?

Our role can be recognized in all three forms of audits.

In the first case, we provide training of organization's employees in order to properly perform an internal audit.

In second case Consalta performs second party audit based on our client's request.  

In the case of third-party audits, we assist clients in preparation for the certification audit and selection of certification body. Consalta can also perform certification audits for new organizations in which we did not provide consulting services. 

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